“Aladdin” (2019)

Aladdin was one of the few Disney Live Action Remakes that I felt had potential. But unfortunately, none of that comes through in this version. It very rarely feels like the filmmakers are doing anything but going through the motions. One of the problems is that by sticking so close to the source material, it’s begging for people to draw comparisons to the original film, and every time it tries to copy the cartoon’s high energy feel, it feels comparatively lethargic. And most of the changes that they do make are either superficial changes that actually change nothing at all, or changes that actually make the story weaker. In short, this film offers no actual reason for why this one should be watched instead of the original, as it manages to convey so much less, with a longer runtime. That being said, some of the visuals are kind of impressive, and most of the actors are passable replacements (although Marwan Kenzari is horrifically miscast as Jafar) and the film is, at the very least, watchable enough. But worst of all, it breaks the cardinal sin of remakes; it assumes that you’ve already seen the original film. It’s nothing more than a soulless husk of the original, with financial incentive being the only reason for its existence.

Rating: 2/5


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