“Dumbo” (2019)

I was saying before that I wish more “Disney Live Action Remakes,” would take more chances and tell a different story than the original version. And Dumbo at least attempts it, but it doesn’t quite work. I mean, given how incredibly short and minimalistic the original film is, this film basically had no other choice but to tell a different story than the original. But the story they tell is a very generic and uninspired one; it’s basically yet another kid’s film about how the bigger, more elaborate, and more corporate circus is so much more artificial and superficial than the humbler, lower-class circus (quite ironic when you consider this film was made by one of the biggest entertainment corporations on the planet). We’ve seen this before and know exactly where it’s heading. Most of the human characters are boring (Eva Green as Colette is the only exception), the story is predictable, and some of the references to the original film (Pink Elephants, anyone?) feel so forced. There are a few solid moments, and some of the visual animation is gorgeous to look at (Dumbo’s ears in particular look extremely well textured and real-looking). But I still don’t know why this movie was made, even from a business perspective. I’ll give it a little bit of credit for at least attempting something different than the original film, but if this plot was the best they could come up with, they shouldn’t have even tried.

Rating: 2.5/5

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