“Escape Plan 2: Hades” (2018)

I’m not asking for much. I’m really not. All I want is an action film with competent fight scenes and a straightforward plot. Even if it’s not great, it can offer an entertaining diversion. So, what did I get here? A virtually incoherent disaster, with incoherent plotting, and incoherent action scenes, made even worse by the headache inducing shaky-cam. Everything that made the solid first film so entertaining is completely stripped away (one of this film’s biggest missteps is that it takes itself way too seriously). Even Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t be bothered to return to this nonsensical drivel. This movie was so boring and uninteresting; I legitimately almost fell asleep while watching it. This sequel feels so far removed from the original film, that you’d swear that this is a sixth film in a franchise, not the second. Most shocking is that they actually brought back one of the two screenwriters of the first film to return. I have no idea how you go from writing something that’s actually good, into this trash, in the span of two movies. Also, Sylvester Stallone and especially Dave Bautista are not in this film as much as you would think, with Stallone being relegated to a supporting role, and Bautista being on screen just long enough to avoid the label of “cameo.” Hades is an appropriate title, because that’s exactly where this film should reside for the rest of eternity.

Rating: 0.5/5


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