“Coneheads” (1993)

There are a lot of things that can be said about this film, but the one thing you can’t say about it is that the people behind this didn’t try. For all its faults, this film does create a uniquely quirky experience. It may just be weird for weirdness’ sake, but sometimes the over-the-top antics do manage to elicit some laughs. Plot-wise the film is kind of mess (subplots will be brought up and then quickly dropped, and the film’s timeline is less coherent than the X-Mencinematic universe). Also, when a joke bombs, it completely falls flat on its face. There are two reasons to see this film; one is that it’s the perfect time capsule for 90s filmmaking (including a slew of cameo appearances of whatever American comedians were popular at the time) both the good and the bad, and two is if you want to see an off-kilter, quirky, bizarre comedy that truly is like no other comedy out there. I’m not sure this can be reasonably referred to as a good comedy, but it is begging to be both a guilty pleasure and cult classic.

Rating: 3/5


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