“Pinocchio” (1940)

There are two things that stuck out to me when I rewatched this film for the first time in years; first, there was a lot more padding in the first act then I remembered, and two, the film was much more grim and chock-full of dark, disturbing imagery then I had remembered. Sometimes a film being really old and completely disconnected from our time period can make them age really poorly. But sometimes, the opposite can happen, and it can make a film even more shocking than it was back then. This is the Disney film that by far has the most balls. Like I said, not just because some of this imagery is extremely unsettling and disturbing, but also because it actually portrays kids smoking and drinking, and it allows the villains, some of them being one of the most terrifying presences to ever graze a family film, to get away with their crimes scot-free. This gives the film a natural edge that doesn’t even feel like it’s even trying to be. But that’s not all this film has to offer. The characters are all fantastic and well developed, the animation is stunningly beautiful, the plot progresses naturally, the music is incredible, and the gags are great. The film’s first act does contain a bit too much padding, but outside of that, this is an excellent film, that definitely deserves a place as one of Disney’s defining classics.

Rating: 4.5/5

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