“Serpendipity” (2019)

As far as the independent cartoon shorts about a quirky romance goes, this one actually has one of the more original ideas in quite a while. But there is, unfortunately, one major problem holding it back. The animation. While the character designs are great, the flow of the animation is often quite poor and rubbery. And when you have slapstick gags in animated shorts like this one, there is one thing that you absolutely must get right; the timing. Unfortunately, the poor timing of the animation, as well some confusing edits that often make it difficult to understand what’s happening, means the execution of the short is off. And that really is a shame, because this is actually a very well-written short with clever ideas, and even a nice heart at its center. It’s clear that there’s passion behind this project, and it’s because of that I can’t, and won’t, be too harsh on this film. It’s clear this is made by very talented people with a lot of potential to improve in their craft, even if this final product doesn’t fully work.

Rating: 2.5/5


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