“Extinguished” (2017)

This animated short film exists in a universe where love is represented by a flame in your chest, and our main character tries to hide the flame that’s ignited when his neighbor’s…granddaughter I guess…comes for a visit. It’s actually an incredibly similar premise to In a Heartbeat, except it’s a straight adult instead of a gay boy, and it’s a flame in the chest, instead of an actual heart (and given they were both made at the same college, and released on the internet within a week of each other, that can’t be a coincidence). Anyway, this short is passable. The premise isn’t anything all that special, but it’s overall just fine. There are some decent moments. The animation is good, although it definitely pales in comparison to In a Heartbeat’s animation, and there are moments where the animation just looks off. Overall, this isn’t a bad way to spend 4 minutes, and it has cute moments, but it won’t have much lasting effect.

Rating: 3/5

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