“Age of Sail” (2018)

This 360-degree Virtual Reality animated short has a similar concept to Captains Courageous with a little bit of Up and The Old Man and the Sea thrown in for good measure. These are not bad combinations, and the plot isn’t bad either. But this works a lot better as a VR gimmick, rather than a narrative story. The pacing is a mess, with scenes that just start and end abruptly, and the progression of the character motivations aren’t all that convincing. In order for this story to work properly, this really needed to be a full-length feature film, so that the events could truly sink in (pun intended). Still, we do get some decent atmosphere, some of the bickering between the two leads is entertaining, the voice acting from Ian McShane and Cathy Ang is great, and they do have good chemistry between them. It’s solid, but it could’ve been so much better.

Rating: 3/5

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