“Spring Breakers” (2012)

For as tenuous, and as divisive as this film is, I think you have to give this film credit; it takes a crapton of risks. But of course, there’s a cost to having a number of high risks; namely that if you do too many, you’re bound to have some that don’t work. The film’s style is so unorthodox and flashy, that I think it’s easy to say there is no other film quite like it. The performances of James Franco and Selena Gomez are excellent. It definitely captures a raw and unpleasant atmosphere that makes this film almost repulsive and hypnotizing simultaneously. Still, there are problems here, and they’re not minor. Out of the four lead girls, I found only one of them to be distinct, the film has way too many fan-service type party shots that really don’t seem to serve any narrative purpose whatsoever, and the film’s ending doesn’t quite stick the landing like it should. This just so happens to be one of those films that you could give any rating, and I could completely understand. Did it deserve all the controversy that got thrown its way? I don’t think so. I guess the only thing I can say is if this looks at all interesting to you, it is worth checking out, but if it doesn’t, then there’s nothing in here that will change your mind. So basically, just go with whatever your first gut instinct is telling you.

Rating: 3/5


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