“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (2012-13)

Based on Frank Miller’s iconic comic of the same name, this animated film (it was split into two parts, but I consider this one movie) is a fine adaptation, but it can’t help but pale in comparison to its source material. Part of the issue is that this film does very little to adapt to its new medium. The pacing is very disjointed, often because scenes are lifted directly from the text, and the pacing of this story flows so much better in comic form, then in movie format. Also, some of the issues I have with the original story are brought over as well, namely that the plot feels kind of all over the place. With all that being said though, I do find this to be a good film. The animation is good, the film strikes an emotional poignancy, the action’s intense, the characters are well written, and there’s just something so satisfying and refreshing in seeing a traditionally animated PG-13 film. It won’t be as remembered and beloved as the original comic, but as an adaptation, it gets the job done.

Rating: 3.5/5


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