“Wake in Fright” (1971)

This is a movie that feels like it should be right down my alley; a film about a normal man’s slow downward spiral descent into madness, with creepy unnerving imagery. So then why did I find myself mostly disinterested with this film? And I can’t even really point to anything wrong this movie is doing (the pacing is fine, the acting is fine, and story flows quite naturally). This just might be a case where a movie might very well be well made, well crafted, and well-constructed, but it just isn’t for me. Clearly people saw something unnerving in this film that I didn’t see, because people often cite this as one of the most disturbing underrated films of all time. I wasn’t disturbed by this film in the slightest. Maybe it’s because other movies have come much further in showing really creepy and disturbing imagery. But that can’t be it, because I’ve been unnerved by imagery that doesn’t go quite as far as this movie does. The attempts at creating an uneasy atmosphere just fall flat. And the characters just never came alive to me. Like I said, clearly I’m missing something because everyone seems to love this movie. And it’s not awful by any means. It just didn’t interest or intrigue me like I thought it would. So, I guess I’ll say check it out and come to your own conclusion, but for me, I have no desire to watch it ever again.

Rating: 3/5


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