“Harakiri” (1962)

Powerful, impactful filmmaking. Harakiri is a rather thorough and intelligent deconstruction of the Japense concept of honor, while also simultaneously working as an entertaining and engaging revenge film. The film is beautifully constructed, as it slowly, almost painfully, pulls back the curtain in such a way so that the film’s surprise twists and turns hit the audience with maximum effect. The 133-minute runtime goes by so quickly; a credit to the film’s remarkable pacing and editing. Everything just works flawlessly, and there’s not a single element that’s out of place. Honestly, there’s nothing else to say about this film; it’s just a masterpiece from top to bottom, and if you haven’t seen it, please rectify that as soon as possible. It deserves to be ranked among other quintessential Japanese classics, like Rashomon and Seven Samurai

Rating: 5/5

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