“Before I Disappear” (2014)

Based on the Academy Award winning short film Curfew, this feature length film does what a film based on a short should do; expand on it, in particular when it comes to the characters. Because this film has more time to let the events sink in, we get to understand the character motivations a lot clearer. And this isn’t just a rehash of the original short film; it actually tells a slightly different, but still familiar version. The two works complement each other extremely well. Still, there are a few minor quibbles. While the film should be commended for taking daring risks with its story, not all of them work. And also, there are some scenes lifted directly from the original short that don’t feel that organically woven into this new narrative. Still, these are all relatively minor issues. Overall, this is an extremely well-made and well-acted drama, that has a lot of heart and is well worth your time.

Rating: 4/5

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