“Uncle Tom’s Bungalow” (1937)

This unique little specimen of a “Censored Eleven” cartoon is easily the most inconsistent in terms of quality of the cartoons. This cartoon takes way, way, way too long establishing the characters of the short. However, once you get through the first part, the rest of it is actually surprisingly pretty good. There are a lot of decent gags, this cartoon has excellent parody portrayals of both Uncle Tom and Simon Legree, and the ending, while abrupt, is still really good. In fact, the reinterpretation of Simon Legree as something akin to a used car-salesman is actually both clever and kind of hilarious. I just wish they’d scrapped most of the first three minutes, and stretched out the remaining second half, because it’s clear that it was needed to flesh this out.

Rating: 3/5

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