“The Isle of Pingo Pongo” (1938)

Out of all the “Censored Eleven” cartoons, this one is actually my least favorite. And it’s not because it’s the most racist of the bunch (that distinction probably goes to Sunday Go to Meetin’ Time) but it’s just the least inspired. In fact, some of the gags feel like leftovers from Jungle Jitters. There’s no sense of passion or energy to any of this, like none of creators cared at all about it. There’s also a very bizarre running gag throughout the picture that ultimately amounts to a very weak punchline. There are some okay gags, but it’s nothing that you couldn’t see in other better Looney Tunes shorts. Overall, it’s just dull, and is easily the cartoon on the “Censored Eleven” that you’ll have the hardest time remembering, and for good reason.

Rating: 1.5/5


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