“Clean Pastures” (1937)

This “Censored Eleven,” cartoon, believe it or not, actually was controversial when it was first released and was almost pulled by the censors. Not because of the blackface character designs or stereotypical gags, but because of its depiction of black angels, and the final gag in which Satan enters Heaven. Isn’t it funny how people’s perception of what’s controversial changes over time? Anyway, this cartoon is just kind of okay. There are some memorable gags and jokes, (the “Pair-o-dice” gag actually made me laugh harder than I’m willing to admit) but the cartoon isn’t very cohesive, and one of the Angels voices is extremely irritating and annoying. There’s nothing particularly special about this short, but it at least has some energy to it that makes this tolerable to sit through, which is a step up from the previous two at least.

Rating: 2.5/5


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