“All This and Rabbit Stew” (1941)

This “Censored Eleven” cartoon is probably the most infamous of the bunch, simply because it’s the only one of the bunch that stars Bugs Bunny. And it also just so happens to be one of the very best Bugs Bunny cartoons, especially from this era. The gags in this one are simply incredible, and the tight, quick pacing make this a speedy watch. Under the direction of Tex Avery, he manages to elicit some genuine laughs from the timing of the slapstick, to the hilarious expressions of the characters. The short’s only failing is its weak ending (which is also the cartoon’s only race-based gag). But the rest of the cartoon is just so well made and so entertaining. And it’s a shame, because had Elmer Fudd been the victim instead, or even if they’d not caricaturized the black hunter, I’m convinced that this would’ve gone down as one of the very best Bugs Bunny cartoons ever made.

Rating: 4.5/5

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