“Tully” (2018)

This dramedy focuses on the fatigue that comes with the territory of being a mother, particularly when it comes to nursing a newborn baby. The film does an excellent job of establishing the main character and her situation, and makes you feel her stress and fatigue; making her a sympathetic character, even though she’s not perfect. There is a lot of relatability with these characters and what they’re experiencing, and it helps that all the actors involved give solid performances. This is a good slice of life film that actually feels like real life, and doesn’t come across too much like the bourgeois Hollywood bubble trying desperately to relate to the common folk but instead coming across as hopelessly naïve. That being said, I kind of wish the film had dealt with the implications with the film’s big reveal, rather than just brushing it aside, and the ending is too abrupt. But still, this is an interesting, slick, well-made drama, that was unfortunately buried by Avengers: Infinity War at the box office, as well as being tainted by a terrible preview. But it really is a genuinely good film that deserves more attention.

Rating: 4/5


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