“Count Dracula” (1977)

This BBC produced adaptation of the iconic Bram Stoker novel Dracula, is often cited as the most faithful adaptation of the book. And in that regard, it is a very faithful adaptation. But that doesn’t automatically make this a great film. There are parts of this film that are extremely dated, especially when it comes to the film’s bizarre, confusing edits, and its visual effects. The aesthetic also just screams 1970s, and not always in the best way; especially when it comes to its psychedelic effects, and its melodramatic acting. Also, Louis Jourdan is a surprisingly rather forgettable Count. But that also doesn’t mean this should be discounted either. There are a lot of elements that most of the other films ignored that are included here, like the holy wafers, and the inclusion of Quincy. Also, in my opinion, this film contains one of the best portrayals of Van Helsing, played extremely well by Frank Finlay. Even the things that don’t work all that well usually wind up giving this film a certain, rather quaint charm. For those looking for a Dracula adaptation that actually follows the book, this one gets the job done, and it even does some elements really well. It may not have aged very well, but it’s a solid film that is worth checking out for fans of the book, or just the Dracula mythos in general.

Rating: 3/5


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