“Vice Versa” (1988)

Yet another late 80s body-swap comedy in the same vein as Freaky Friday, (along with Big18 Again!Dream a Little Dream, andLike Father Like Son). So, what does this version have the others don’t? Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. As far as body-swap comedies go, this one’s alright; it’s just kind of standard. These movies tend to live or die by how funny the performances of the two leads are. And Judge Reinhold, while getting some funny moments, is kind of just okay as the kid trapped in the adult’s body, but there are moments where he doesn’t feel believable. By far the one who steals the show is Fred Savage, who does an excellent job playing an uptight, alcoholic adult in a child’s body. Some of his delivery of lines is just hilarious, and he’s easily the highlight of the entire film. Some of the comedic set pieces work, and the film is a breezy, cheesy, enjoyable watch. Vice Versa has problems, like rehashing jokes and plot beats from other comedies, disjointed pacing, and, as I already mentioned, Judge Reinhold can be very hit or miss with his performance. But in spite of his flaws, there’s enough good in here to warrant checking out if you enjoy body-swapping comedies, or even just 80s comedies in general. The end result is just fine, but the film was several rewrites away from actually being good. So basically, it could’ve been better, and it could’ve been worse.

Rating: 3/5

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