“Revenge” (2017)

This recent foray into the rape and revenge subgenre attempts to elevate itself over its precursors by going for an arthouse feel. Some of the stylistic directing decisions work, and some of them don’t. And when it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t work. It usually comes across as an attempt to make the film stand out, rather than because it’s actually trying to use the style to elevate and compliment the story. Also, I did not like the film’s techno-rock soundtrack. That being said, the film looks absolutely fantastic, with gorgeous cinematography, incredible gore and violence, and stunning directing that manages to wring a great amount of suspense and tension. The first half-hour or so doesn’t really work, mostly because it feels as if it’s simply going through the motions. Thankfully, the film does pick up once the inevitable attempted murder happens. I fail to see how this is a “different” take on the rape and revenge subgenre like so many people claim it to be; it’s actually pretty standard in that regard. That being said, this is an entertaining revenge film, one that did take some risks (even though some of them didn’t work) which I can definitely respect. If you can get past the film’s mediocre first act, this is an entertaining thriller worthy of your time.

Rating: 3.5/5


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