“Life Smartphone” (2015)

Did you know that people are addicted to smartphones? I didn’t until I saw this 4-minute short, and now I know and am aware of how big a problem it is. In all seriousness, this is literally just a 4-minute short where all the jokes are the same; everyone is too absorbed in their phone to pay attention to what they’re doing in the real world. The gags are predictable and thus not funny. This isn’t even an original concept, because there are many different stories that have made the point that smartphones are making people dumber. I’m not against having a short with this premise, but you need to do something new or exciting or different, then just dull and generic gags that don’t elicit laughs. The animation is alright, but that’s about it, there isn’t much reason to watch it, other than the fact that it is short if you want to check it out, so it won’t waste too much of your time.

Rating: 2.5/5


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