“Garden Party” (2017)

The animation in this film is absolutely gorgeous. The textures and the movement, especially with the water, all feel real, like you can reach out and touch it. The feel of the short film is relatively simplistic in terms of mood, but it is nice and pleasant. Really it’s the animation that’s the star of the show here. Of course, anyone who’s seen this film, knows about the big elephant in the room, that needs to be addressed; the ending. I’m honestly kind of split about it, because I do find it to be somewhat darkly humorous, but I think the well-done animation is actually a disadvantage in this case, because it makes this moment feel too real and grotesque. Personally, I think the idea was just fine, but the execution was a little bit off. That aside, it doesn’t at all ruin this short film, which is overall a nice and enjoyable little short.

Rating: 4/5

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